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 This company was started by a woman in the medical profession.Women Owned ALT INFO RGB WBE 09.07.16 v1  As a physician she has dealt with an abundance of confidential documents and appreciates the need for flexibility and ease in disposing of records.Having worked in the service industry for 20 plus years, she has created a company that allows other consumers a tailored service. Monster Doc Shred will work with YOUR individual company to ensure ease of proper document destruction.



Why are NAID certified:

All data protection regulations require customers to perform initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of data destruction service providers. Because it is designed specifically to verify and monitor regulatory compliance as well as security best practices, requiring NAID AAA Certification® of secure data destruction service providers fulfills the customer’s regulatory obligation. With over 1,000 NAID AAA Certified locations available globally, it is far and away the most recognized and accepted data destruction operation available.



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